Methods Used by the Best T Shirt Printing Singapore

T shirt printing Singapore is your dependable choice for custom shirts and wears. We offer you top-of-the-line services you can always count on. If you need any help and desire to come up with the best results in printing shirts, there is no other company to depend on but us. Here are some techniques we use to create the perfect t shirts for you and your team or co-workers.

Our T shirt printing Singapore Techniques

Basically, our team is knowledgeable and skilled in five popular t shirt printing categories namely embroidery, transfer printing, dye printing, silkscreen printing, and jersey printing. Below is some basic information which you may need to know about our various offered methods:


It’s a known process that uses colored threads to sew the design you wish for printing t shirt. It can produce an elegant and classy look. It is for you if you want long lasting prints, quality image, more colors, and others. Take note that the price may vary depending on logos and images to use. With this option, guaranteed color effect can be met.

Transfer Printing

Using heart, the design is transferred on the shirts. When printing t shirt, heat transfer can work best to achieve full colors. It can help achieve the desired effects using industrial grade heat that many ordinary printers cannot do. This type of Singapore t shirt printing is best known for fade resistance and durability. This can be used to achieve the best tone and color graphics for a livelier and more colorful shirt. It can be offered by our company at really incredible prices.

Dye Printing

Using this technique is one of the advanced methods of our company in providing you with the best results in t shirt printing in Singapore. You can depend on it for fuller color effects. It can be used for printing lovely shirts with nice texture. This is recommended for use in sportswear because it’s breathable. We offer you this service at low prices.

Silkscreen Printing

It’s one of the most well-known methods that work best for almost any types of shirts. It’s not expensive so it’s one in demand order we receive from our customers aiming to order bulk custom shirts. There can be an unlimited number of colors to use and still come with the brightest finishes and designs. Pricing may also vary based from sizing and colors.

Jersey Printing

It’s another famous method use in t shirt printing that is often used in sportswear and making cool-looking jerseys. Usually long lasting, it’s commonly chosen by sportsmen for their teams and leagues. It’s cheaper to set up and long lasting. You can expect a great output from us if you order jersey printing.

If you need any of these, you may get help from our T shirt printing services in Singapore anytime through email or phone. Depend on us for all your custom shirt orders whatever methods you want to use for your shirts.